Ticket # 526

Ticket ID 526 VIN BR549
First Name Joe Last Name Cooke
Year 0 Make Harley Davidson
Model FLHR
Email Address Josephrcooke@hotmail.com Phone Number 865
Location Shop Due Date 2020-11-20
Status Complete Php POS ID 0
Miles in 19513 Miles out
Description of Issue/Upgrade
Front air is having trouble and very slow to lift Screw on bottom of headlight hit fender (Josh pointed it out to me) Right saddlebag retention cord isn’t connected. Weld broke loose. Not from slamming it open. It broke while sitting open one day. May need a stronger setup. Battery tender didn’t work. May be a blown fuse Ask paint guy to look at very back bottom of saddlebags on each side of license plate. Paint looked bubbled one day in sunlight. Not a big deal to me but want to make sure it’s not going to pop. Rear pegs hit the sides when raised. Not sure there’s a fix for it. The pin on the pegs is rusty. Can we get them powder coated, replaced or painted? Two hex bolts on side covers on front forks looks bad. Change to stainless socket head stainless or get black bolts. Bike rides and looks amazing. Just couple minor things. Rubber trim on the inner fairing is coming off. Looks like it was siliconed to it and came loose. Not sure. Its hanging down on the bottom right side.
Service note 1 - Date - 0000-00-00
I think i mentioned it but didn’t recall but the boots that hold the upper fork side covers on we’re stainless hex head. Can we change those to black socket head (Allen head) screws. Also the pins on the rear foot pegs were bad. One side is rusted and the other looks bad. Replace, power coat or paint. Anything. Anxious to see it done
Service note 2 - Date - 0000-00-00<
Service note 3 - Date - 0000-00-00<
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