Ticket # 414

Ticket ID 414 VIN 1HD1KBM18DB602599
First Name Jason Last Name Bullard
Model Street Glide
Email Address Phone Number 850
Location Out Front Due Date 2020-09-04
Status Complete Php POS ID 3278
Miles in 8034 Miles out
Description of Issue/Upgrade
Windshield nut is stripped out on left side looking at the front of the fairing, wants us to check all 3 of the windshield nuts. His ABS light is on solid at all times, he was told by Harley it was the ABS sensor and his cruise control is intermittently. He also said his check engine light came on as he was pulling up at the shop. On the ABS sensor he wants a quote and know how much it will be to fix it.
Service note 1 - Date - 0000-00-00
Service note 2 - Date - 0000-00-00<
Service note 3 - Date - 0000-00-00<
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POS Ticket:
QuantityProduct IDDescription
1MCVQTAmsoil SAE 20W50 Synthetic Motorcycle oil
1MVPQTAmsoil Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid