Ticket # 388

Ticket ID 388 VIN 1HD1FCW104Y611611
First Name Chuck Last Name Barthlemess
Model Electra Glide® Ultra Classic
Email Address bartofala@aol.com Phone Number 3345960594
Location Out Front Due Date 2020-08-07
Status Complete Php POS ID 3202
Miles in 35267 Miles out
Description of Issue/Upgrade
We did a 4hr rewire in his fairing back May from Rodent damage. Day before yesterday he was riding down the road and his radio started cutting in and out, then he started getting a humming noise so he took the face plate off and it still made the humming noise. once he got home the radio was still very warm to touch so he took his outer fairing off and the bike was switched off and the blue light on amp was still on and the amp itself was very hot. He left fairing off and went inside for a while then came back outside a few hours later and blue light was still on and Amp was still very hot.
Service note 1 - Date - 0000-00-00
Service note 2 - Date - 0000-00-00<
Service note 3 - Date - 0000-00-00<
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QuantityProduct IDDescription
1Shop Materials
1DSX-M55BTSony DSX-M55BT Single Din Marine Radio